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About FitBeYou

Founded in 2023 by two Delhi University students, FitBeYou is a health and wellness organisation, with the goal of enhancing the physical and mental health of both the younger and older generations.


Our mission is what motivates us to share our expertise and education with individuals who wish to begin a fitness journey or who need some direction. We achieve this through writing blogs and posts, offering free advice, and having a positive influence on the communities where we live and work.

Fitness Equipment On a Wood Floor

Wake up and Workout.


Raavi Singh Sachan

I'm a final-year Hons student at Indraprastha College for Women, Delhi University.

I've been interested in sports and fitness since I was eight years old, and I've been playing lawn tennis since then. Throughout my 12-year career, I have won numerous district, state, and national championships. However, lockdown caused me to stay at home, which resulted in my becoming overweight. It took me a long time to get in shape, which inspired me to share my knowledge as well as the mistakes I made on my fitness path with the world in order to help others; therefore, FitBeYou was born.

Nandini Malhotra


I’m a final year B.Com Hons student at the University of Delhi. Since my early childhood, yoga has been my steadfast companion, guiding me towards a life of fitness and well-being. I'm thrilled to share that my dedication and skills have led me to become a national level yoga champion, with several competition victories under my belt. Alongside these achievements, I proudly hold a certification as a yoga instructor from the renowned Yoga Certification Board of India. Fuelled by my passion for health, we have brought this exciting startup to life, aimed at shaping a healthier future. Join us on this invigorating journey as we inspire others to prioritize their well-being and embrace a vibrant, balanced lifestyle.


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